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Employee recognition cards

Don’t wait for employee recognition days to show your appreciation. Acknowledge employees daily for their input and efforts with a personalized hand-written note. These printable postcards are free for you to download and use.

Our design team would happily assist with creating your branded cards at a nominal fee

Comic Set

Set of 7 postcards
(Print A6, both sides, flip on short edge)

Modern Set

Set of 5 A3 postcards (Print A6, both sides, flip on short edge)

Watercolour set

Set of 5 A3 postcards (Print A6, both sides, flip on short edge)

Employee Recognition Event Calendar (SA)

There are many opportunities each year that afford you the opportunity to celebrate employees and to celebrate with them. Use this event calendar and add to it, to thematically recognize your people and create memorable meaningful moments. This calendar enables you to plan your recognition efforts well in advance.

ROEI (Return On Employee Investment) Report

Not sure if you should invest in Employee Engagement research and designing an Employee Engagement strategy?Have you have ever considered the cost of ignoring Employee Engagement?
Use our ROEI Calculator to see what employee challenges (i.e. absenteeism, productivity, retention) is costing you and what you can save if you were to improve Employee Engagement.
Research shows that 5% increase in engagement leads to 3% increase in revenue.

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