Our Services and Solutions

Our toolbox of specialized services is designed to assist us in our partnership to create exceptional employee and customer experiences and to build healthy, happy organizational cultures.

Customer eXperience (CX)

  • Customer eXperience Surveys
  • CX management and continuous improvement strategies
  • Competitor insight
  • Lost sales research
  • CX training

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”
– Simon Sinek


  • Employee Surveys (Engagement, Satisfaction, eXperience, EVP experience, Exit interviews )
  • Engagement strategies
  • Organizational culture
    (research, workshops and strategy design)

Knowledge sharing

  • Training / Facilitation
  • Workshops
  • Content creation

Operational Optimization

  • Process improvement
  • Creating Lean work environments


  • Research design
  • Qualitative research
  • Quantitative research
  • Data Collection
  • Analysis & Insight
  • Report writing
  • Data and people driven improvement strategies
  • Upskilling & knowledge sharing
  • Customer eXperience
  • Competitor insight
  • Employee Engagement
  • Organizational Culture
  • Consulting – continuous improvement strategies
  • Operational optimization

Business consulting

  • Company culture surveys
  • Organizational culture improvement strategies
  • Organizational health checks
  • Operational Optimization (Process review, SOP’s, Lean environments)
  • Engagement strategies (Employees & Customers)
  • Data interpretation
  • Continuous improvement strategies
  • Internal sales evaluations

The Team Allegiance difference

A personal touch

– Founder and Head consultant
@ Team Allegiance

At Team Allegiance, we’re truly passionate about people and people experiences.

We conduct research and design business strategies based on data, but we’re always critically attuned to the fact that behind businesses and behind data, are people.

To better understand your customers and employees, we give them a voice and we listen to what they say. People’s feelings, perceptions and experiences drive their behaviours. To bring about positive change, we help our customers interpret these feelings, perceptions and behaviours and we guide them on how to act upon these.

We don’t just do research, give you the data and let you figure it out from there.

We do partner with you on your people journey. We aim to understand your business, your company culture, your customers and your employees so we can build a holistic view of your business and it’s improvement needs.

Together, we design business strategies that are employee focussed and customer centric and that lead to you achieving your business goals. We help you design continuous improvement solutions fit for your business and it’s culture and strategies that are aligned with your organizational values. Throughout our strategy design, we keep people at the heart of what we do.

Why you should work with us

At Team Allegiance we hold ourselves to the following values:


We are exceptional at what we do and our valuable customers say so too…

Implementing a Successful Employee Engagement Strategy

I’m ecstatic to say the outcomes of the engagement strategy were a great success .

I need to acknowledge that this is a necessary team effort in changing the hearts and minds of the whole operation but with Amanda’s guidance, knowledge and expertise through this journey, we were able to lift our people engagement scores significantly over a relatively short period of time.
Michael Deftereos
Operations Director – Webhelp SA

An extension of our CX team

The CX team appreciates all the hard work, the numerous urgent matters and the day-to-day tasks that you have handled for us with great success and commitment. Because of your efforts, your company was considered to be more of an extension of the BWE CX team rather than a service provider. I admire your commitment, dedication and innovation to the organisation and it’s clients, but most of all, I admire the genuine human being you are

Rennie ahnoop
Group Business Intelligence Manager – Barloworld Equipment – a division of Barloworld SA (Pty) Ltd

Clarity on strengths and improvement opportunities

Team Allegiance was a pleasure to work with. They sought to understand our business and was very responsive to any queries we had. The survey has allowed us to gain a clearer picture of where our strengths lie and where we have room for improvement.

Price point is very reasonable and her flexibility is very helpful.

Danchwa Cloete
Learning and Development Coordinator – Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Co (Pty) Ltd

Adapting to the needs of our members

The detailed information I received based on what my members actually require from me as a leader and the group in general was to say the least an eye opener.

I am happy to say that I have very quickly managed to utilize the powerful feedback from Amanda at Team Allegiance to have a positive impact on my business and adapt accordingly

Founder – Business Connect

Creating positive work experiences for employees

Team Allegiance has been very professional and thorough in their delivery of the project we have been working on relating to employee experience (engagement and satisfaction) with the Conlog business.
We continue working together on building workable action plans with business unit’s leaders, employees and their managers to ensure execution thus resulting in a continued positive work experience for our employees.

Philane Khomo
Human Capital Business Partner – Conlog (Pty) Ltd

In search of excellence

Amanda is an extremely diligent and thorough research analyst, as well as a most pleasant person to work with. I have known Amanda for several years and her ability to grasp and assess relatively complex matters and data is astounding. I would recommend Amanda as a great team player with a propensity to go beyond the call of duty and to push the boundaries in search of excellence

Wayne Duvenage
Chief Executive Officer at OUTA (Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse) and Previously: MD – AVIS SA

Frequently asked questions

Team-Allegiance is a Level 4 B-BBEEE contributor. We have 100% B-BBEEE procurement recognition. Our B-BBEE affidavit (exempted micro enterprise) certificate is available upon request.

Though several organizations opt to use off the shelf survey tools, we find that many of these companies turn to us for further assistance with analysis. Off the shelf products would provide you with the data and most likely basic analysis. We assist with the entire research process, from ensuring that surveys are created to optimize the value of the feedback you get from the survey, to deep dive analysis that look for trends and outliers and specifics across various demographics. Beyond insight, we also help you create meaningful data driven strategies that are people focused and intended to bring about positive change.

The saying goes “happy employees = happy customers = happy shareholders”.
Do you need to know how employees and/or customers experience your organization? Do you think there is room for improvement in these areas? Not exactly sure how to get there?
Our solutions give a voice to your customers and employees so you can better understand their needs and deliver on them and in turn drive positive employee and customer experiences by building an inspired and motivated workforce that is customer centric.

How do you know it is time to refuel your vehicle? There is a fuel gauge that tells you that it is time to do so. Most organizations have gauges that tell them how they’re faring financially or how they’re doing operationally but few organizations have measurements in place that tell them about employee and/or customer perceptions, experiences and engagement. It is said that; “You can not manage what you do not measure” – Peter Ducker. Through research, we provide that measure / gauge, so you can know. And once you know, we can use that insight to help you build effective business strategies to optimize employee and customer satisfaction.

‘Expensive’ is s a relevant term. I would say, always measure research and/or consulting costs in terms of ROI (Return on Investment). If you have a highly disengaged workforce or high staff turnover or if you are losing or not retaining customers, what is this costing you? What does it cost you to onboard new employees or acquire new customers vs. having the insight to retain them?
View our Employee ROI (EROI) calculator under the ‘free resources’ tab, to see what you can be saving by slightly increasing your Employee Engagement levels

Though we prefer to assist you with the entire research cycle, we can help at any stage of the journey. We can assist with questionnaire design, data collection, analysis, reporting and strategy design. We do however recommend utilizing professionals such as ourselves for the entire cycle as each step in the process is crucial to ensure that you get optimal value from your research

Though based in South Africa, we conduct research all over the world.
* Our local customers have international clients and/or divisions, we thus regularly engage with international customers and easily accommodate various time zones.
* CATI fieldwork is mainly conducted throughout Africa and Europe though other time zones can be accommodated
* Employee surveys are conducted internationally. Our platform is designed to be flexible and customizable so questions can be adapted to measure various cultural components that are industry / country specific and non-specific
The biggest benefit for international customers is affordability due to the exchange rate.

We recommend that you measure both. There is a strong link between Customer eXperience and Employee Engagement. In our research, we found that on average, a 1.6% increase in Employee Engagement leads to a 2,3% increase in Customer Satisfaction BUT a 1.6% decrease in Employee Engagement leads to a 7% decrease in Customer Satisfaction. We can clearly see that employee satisfaction has a direct impact on your Customer’s experience.
Employee surveys are often run annually while CX (Customer eXperience) surveys are run more frequently.

Book a free 15 min discovery call with us so we can discuss your needs and help you decide on the best way forward. Alternatively, you can book a full consultation session to discuss past efforts, current state and current initiatives, needs, desired outcomes and way forward. Use our ‘Contact us’ form to connect. We look forward to engaging with you.

We are not always logged into our online collaboration platforms, please arrange an appointment via email: info@team-allegiance.co.za so we can arrange an online call. Please send us three dates and timeslots that can work for you.

Our research and consulting services are not limited to any industry. Our expertise lie in Customer eXperience, Employee Engagement, Organizational Culture and Operational optimization. If any or all of these areas are areas that you need assistance with, we can support you regardless of what industry you operate in.
We do however have extensive experience in the following industries: Automotive, Recruitment, Pharmaceuticals, Air travel, Travel – Tourism & Leisure, Manufacturing, Roofing, Construction, Logistics, Telecoms, Work-At-Height Equipment, Machinery & earth moving equipment, BPO’s, SOE’s, Education, Power metering and various SETA’s.

Our Privacy Policy can be viewed from our ‘About us’ page.

Still have questions?

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQ, feel free to contact us by emailing info@team-allegiance.co.za or by clicking on the ‘Contact us’ button below.

About Team Allegiance

We are an independently owned research, insights, and strategy company, obsessed with helping our clients gain a deep understanding of their business (culture, client, employee and process) challenges.
We help design continuous improvement solutions and business strategies that are employee focussed and customer centric.
We are proud to share that we have helped multiple organizations reach their business goals.
Our success is evident in our client’s success and in their measurable business results.

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